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I recently read a book (An Enemy Called Intermediate Acceptance) by John Mason, an international author who has authored hundreds of books and has bestselling books that have been translated into more than 30 languages ​​around the world. The title of the book caught my attention and I felt that the title of the book is a summary of success in any field, and here is the most important thing I learned from this book.

Do not hesitate
I learned the importance of rejecting doubt and hesitation from my life. The ability to make decisions is an important life skill and is considered one of the most important keys to success. Every achievement, whether big or small, begins with a decision. Some are afraid of making wrong decisions, but if we set our goal accurately, we will avoid wrong choices.

Not to procrastinate
Procrastination wastes time and kills dreams without realizing. If we are always waiting for the right time to accomplish anything, this time will not come because the best time to accomplish this thing is now. The longer we take to implement an idea, the more vague the idea becomes. Procrastination causes lost opportunities.

Abandon fear and anxiety
Fear and anxiety can make us think about bad things that may never happen and will delay us from achieving success. We should not let fear guide our lives and we should not worry about things beyond our control.

Don’t waste time
All great achievers value time, and we all have the same amount of time every day but the difference is what we do with the time we have. Time is an irreplaceable treasure and we should make the most of it. We should not be preoccupied with performing unimportant tasks and not let small things prevent us from reaching our goals. We must define our goals accurately so that time does not leak out of our hands without achieving any achievement.

word power
Do not underestimate the power of the word, the word is a powerful thing that affects us and others either a positive effect or a negative effect, if we always speak positively, it will reflect on our lives and we will feel happier and vice versa.

The importance of setting goals
It is not enough to think about our goals, but we should write them, because writing goals and planning will make us more able to commit to them and achieve them, otherwise it will become just a dream. All people have a chance of success if they have the right vision for their goals and start achieving them.

Failure is an opportunity to succeed
Everyone fails and makes mistakes, but the difference is that successful people don’t give in to failure, they rise quickly and try again, so we should not look at past failures but learn from them, and failure to do something is better than doing nothing at all.

get up and go
Sow and reap, success will not only be achieved by wishing, but by doing and working to achieve goals, we must mix our dreams with hard work so that we can see our ambitions in front of us.

Select options
Life presents us with choices every day and we have to choose what we want. Should we choose happiness or unhappiness? Do we choose to work or complain? Do we choose enthusiasm or inactivity? Do we take responsibility or not? We can’t have both, what would you choose?

Great achievements start with a small achievement
Sometimes it may seem that the goal we aspire to reach is difficult to reach but we should not underestimate the small steps we take to achieve the goal, think of the raindrops that constantly fall on the hard stone and make it easy to crumble.

Tolerance relieves you of stress, tension, and the desire for revenge. All of these things consume your energy and waste your time. The more you tolerate, the faster you will advance towards your goals and dreams without anything holding you back.

Not making excuses
We should not make excuses or blame others, but rather take responsibility for our actions. We should benefit from our mistakes and avoid them from happening in the future. Excuses are among the most useless things that hinder a person from succeeding. Remember the saying: “Even a broken watch tells the correct time twice a day.” So we should step up and not think of excuses.

Busyness is not a sign of achievement
Being busy all day does not mean that we achieve and achieve our goals, we should not confuse the concept of activity and achievement, the important thing is to ask ourselves whether we are progressing or not? For example, someone may be busy all day browsing the Internet, watching TV, or even completing tasks that are not a priority, does this mean that they are doing something productive? Of course not, so we should think about making the most of our time by prioritizing tasks.

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